Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is the U.S. one big remix?

In light of the last 2 posts, the question seems to be: should the law encourage the creativity made possible by the combination of digital media and the internet, or would doing so put too much at risk the incentives copyright holders have to create?

From Remix America, there's this response:

This country is a remix, it's what we do. What did Jefferson and Paine and Adams do but mashup history, take a little from the Magna Carta, a little from John Locke, and a whole lot of rebellion. Now, thanks to the web and digital technology, everyone can join in.

This is a unique moment in our history -- We can rediscover the promise of the Declaration of Independence next to the music of Louis Armstrong next to the beats of the Beastie Boys and clips of our candidates talking about "Changes." Every one of us can own our best expressions of liberty, democracy and freedom, remix them as they see fit, and share them with the world.

RemixAmerica.org is a multi-partisan, non-profit website that uses digital technology to give everyone the chance to own the words, the music, the images and sounds of America in digital form; to remix those expressions and ideas with their own; and to send the products of our community's creativity out to the world... where others will come back to us and start it all over again...

There's no telling where this can go – we want to be the place where millions can post their post their dreams, their hopes, their frustrations about our country via text , video responses and remixes...

We want to be a home millions of voices that can change the National conversation.

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