Sunday, March 30, 2008

What happened after the remand of Campbell v. Acuff-Rose

According to the June 5, 1996 issue of the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Acuff-Rose Music settled a copyright infringement lawsuit Tuesday it had filed against the rap group 2 Live Crew over the rappers' parody of the rock classic Oh, Pretty Woman.

Under terms of the settlement, Acuff-Rose said it dismissed its lawsuit against the group while 2 Live Crew agreed to license the sale of their version of the Roy Orbison classic. ''That means we will be getting paid for the song,'' said Acuff-Rose...
It's an interesting result. Of course, the amount 2 Live Crew agreed to pay was not disclosed. More interestingly, the whole case started, I believe, when Acuff-Rose wouldn't agree to license "Oh, Pretty Woman" to 2 Live Crew.

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